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I am an explorer, with great communication, organisation and leadership skills, international experience, constantly learning from different spheres.

After 10 years managing humanitarian programs, I am now meeting with a new challenge in a National Society of Red Cross, managing both Communications and Youth departments.

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professional management trainings

Bioforce Institute
September 2008 to June 2011
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Communication, partnerships management and fundraising - November 2010.
INGOs finance management - November 2010.
INGOs human resources management - October 2009.
INGOs international solidarity project management - October 2008 + expert level, 2010.

professional management and specific trainings

Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement
September 2008 to June 2011
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- Trainer of trainers - European French Speaking Youth Leadership - 2017
- Trainer of trainers in"Planning-Monitoring-Evaluation-Reporting" by International Federation of Red Cross and French Red Cross, December 2012.
- Project/program planning, online training by International Federation of Red Cross, November 2012.
- "World Communincations Forum" : workshops and trainings for Heads of Communication in Red Cross / Red Crescent National Societies - IFRC, Geneva, Swtizerland - September 2011.
- Peer educators trainer "Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change" (YABC) - Ajloun, Jordan, November 2010.
- International Humanitarian Law Trainer of trainers certificate (FADDIH) - Modane, France, August 2009.
- International Humanitarian Law Trainer certificate (CADDIH) - Monaco, March 2009.
- Induction Course for new delegates - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (IFRC) - Geneva, Switzerland, November 2008.
- International Mission training : psychological support, hygiene, safety, first aid... - Year 2008.

professional communication trainings

Mermaid Communication agency - Witwag internet marketing agency - Cooperation bureau of Monaco - Com
Since September 2008
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Press relations, press releases.
INGOs communication planning
Internet and social networks for INGOs
Internet marketing
Corporate communication
Humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy.

Other trainings

February 2016
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Security and safety in international missions for frequent travellers

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Tools and techniques of project management on ECHO base.
Communication and medias for INGOs.
Translation in international organizations.
International economy : problems of development, critical analysis of globalization.
Geopolitics of conflicts.
International Humanitarian Law, geopolitical environment, international relations.
Intercultural aspects of cooperation programs.
Academic defense on professionalization of the humanitarian field.

3rd year's degree in Portuguese language, civilization and literature (USP selected courses)

Universidade de São Paulo - USP (Brazil)
September 2005 to September 2006
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- Brazilian modern politics
- Anthropology of black identity
- Ancient Tupi Guarani
- African Portuguese speaking countries history, literature, politics, culture (Angola, Mozambique)
- French for foreigner teaching (pedagogy, didactic)

Politic sciences exam and studies

Politics institute "Institut d'Etudes Politiques" (IEP) de Lyon
September 2001 to June 2003
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Constitutional Law, political history, French politics, political economy, international relations.

2nd year's degree in Portuguese language, civilization and litterature

Lumière University of Lyon II, France
September 2004 to September 2005

1st year's degree in Portuguese and 1 year's degree in English language, civilization and litterature

DISTANCE, Monpellier III university, France
September 2003 to September 2004
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Distance degrees obtained during a 6 months mission in Brazil (see "Experience" tab)

They are supporting me

Feel free to contact the following key figures :
Since June 2011
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Dr Claude SIMONNOT, President of Steps Consulting Social and co-founder of Handicap International : – I have defended Monaco Red Cross humanitarian programs twice for validation by the International Cooperation bureau of the Monaco Red Cross.

Antoine PEIGNEY, Director of International Relations and Operations for the French Red Cross : – I met Mr. PEIGNEY in different occasions during my professional experience at the Monaco Red Cross and he knows about my motivation and qualifications.

Frédéric JOLI, Spokesperson of ICRC in France : / - I have worked with Mr JOLI in different occasions during my professional experience at the Monaco Red Cross and we have built a strong professional relationship.