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In these different tabs (experience/skills/education/interests), you will better define my professional profile.

I am an explorer, with great communication and organization skills. I am a strong leader in different spheres.

Today I have reached my 10 years' objective : become an expert of international solidarity management.

From now I am looking for a position to strengthen my management skills, in Central/Latin America.

I have a strong international experience. Valuable and known humanitarian figures can confirm this information (contacts in "Education" tab).

Feel free to click, explore and discover me !


International coordinator

Monaco Red Cross
Since September 2008
  • As I was recruited at the Monaco Red Cross at a special moment (with 2007 Monaco ODA objectives : reaching MDG 2015 : 0.7% of Monaco Gross National Income), I accessed quickly to an exceptionally adaptable position with a high level of responsibility.
  • Coordination of humanitarian programs led by the Monaco Red Cross.
  • Building and implementing of the international strategic plan / organizational development for the international department.
  • In charge of public and private partnerships.
  • Fundraising and finance management. Writing, follow-up of proposals for public and private donors, including foundations and the Monaco international cooperation bureau.
  • Management of human resources (100+ volunteers, staff and trainees).
  • Humanitarian diplomacy - advocacy and lobbying with the Monaco government, NGOs and Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement.
  • Program management : Cameroon, Brazil, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo (building, follow-up, assessment)
  • Creation and implementation of the Monaco Red Cross communication plan : corporate communication, branding, print and web communication (website, social networking), event planning and implementation.
  • Management and organization of humanitarian field mission trainer
  • In charge of International Humanitarian Law trainings (trainer of trainers)
  • Youth focal point for the Monaco Red Cross.
  • Team leader for building of the structure and contents of the Monaco Red Cross new website

Project manager

Monaco Red Cross
May 2008 to September 2008
  • - Project management : school building in Cameroon, nurse trainings in Mali, capacity building for a hospital in Niger
    - Volunteers management
    - Administrative, logistic and finance management
    - Creation and distribution of a quarterly newsletter for the international actions of the Monaco Red Cross
    - Organization of the information and writing of the website pages for Monaco Red Cross international actions
    - Assistance of Head of international programs

Manager of a resource center

Interassociatif des Solidarités
April 2008 to May 2008
  • - Management of the Ritimo (information network for sustainable development and international solidarity - resource center of Nice, France.
    - Writing of a project to be funded by the Conseil Général of Alpes Maritimes (region of Nice, France).

Writer in Education for Development and International Solidarity

CREAP (agricultural education) - Rhône-Alpes region, France
June 2007 to July 2007
  • - Compiling of data on international solidarity actions in agricultural education
    - Field investigations
    - Participation to the French Education for Development General Assembly and to the Education for Development summer university of Lyon.
    - Writing and publishing of an official document

Administration officer

Associação Criança e Familia
November 2003 to May 2004
  • On a mission for the French INGO Maison de Sagesse (, I have lived and worked in suburbs of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.
    - Adminstration and communication ;
    - Implementing, management of a library for children at risk in the favela ;
    - Organization of events and awareness / prevention campaigns ;
    - Language and oral expression trainings, arts trainings for vulnerable children and youth of the favela.

Other volunteer experiences

October 2004 to June 2008
  • 2006-2008 : Association IDEES, Grenoble ( France), promotion of international solidarity actions (translations, fair trade, exhibitions, events)
  • 2004-2005 : Association française des étudiants volontaires (AFEV), French teacher for vulnerable migrants, Réussir l’Insertion à Bron.

French teacher for foreigners

ELFE Idiomas
September 2005 to May 2006
  • Teaching of French for executive workers, including for French companies (Alstom, Saint Gobain, Leroy Merlin, Carrefour...)


They are supporting me

Feel free to contact the following key figures :
Since June 2011

Dr Claude SIMONNOT, President of Steps Consulting Social and co-founder of Handicap International : – I have defended Monaco Red Cross humanitarian programs twice for validation by the International Cooperation bureau of the Monaco Red Cross.

Antoine PEIGNEY, Director of International Relations and Operations for the French Red Cross : – I met Mr. PEIGNEY in different occasions during my professional experience at the Monaco Red Cross and he knows about my motivation and qualifications.

Frédéric JOLI, Spokesperson of ICRC in France : / - I have worked with Mr JOLI in different occasions during my professional experience at the Monaco Red Cross and we have built a strong professional relationship.

Marielle RICCIO, International solidarity coordinator : - Mrs RICCIO is a 10 years humanitarian worker for numerous NGOs and a consultant for the Monaco Red Cross at my side since 2009. (Solidarités, French Red Cross, American INGOs…). She has become a friend and can describe my professional profile better than anyone else.

professional management trainings

Bioforce Institute
September 2008 to June 2011

Communication, partnerships management and fundraising - November 2010.
INGOs finance management - November 2010.
INGOs human resources management - October 2009.
INGOs international solidarity project management - October 2008 + expert level, 2010.

professional communication trainings

Mermaid Communication agency - Witwag internet marketing agency - Cooperation bureau of Monaco
Since September 2008

Press relations, press releases.
INGOs communication planning
Internet and social networks for INGOs
Internet marketing
Corporate communication
Humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy.

professional Master's degree : International cooperation and multilingual communication (English and Spanish)

Stendhal University (Grenoble, France)
September 2006 to September 2008

Tools and techniques of project management on ECHO base.
Communication and medias for INGOs.
Translation in international organizations.
International economy : problems of development, critical analysis of globalization.
Geopolitics of conflicts.
International Humanitarian Law, geopolitical environment, international relations.
Intercultural aspects of cooperation programs.
Academic defense on professionalization of the humanitarian field.

3rd year's degree in Portuguese language, civilization and literature (USP selected courses)

Universidade de São Paulo - USP (Brazil)
September 2005 to September 2006

- Brazilian modern politics
- Anthropology of black identity
- Ancient Tupi Guarani
- African Portuguese speaking countries literature (Angola, Mozambique)
- French for foreigner teaching (pedagogy, didactic)


  • Management and coordination of humanitarian organizations
  • Partnerships, resource mobilization and communications expert
  • Strategic planning / organizational development
  • Humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy
  • Trainer : French for foreigners, international solidarity, International Humanitarian Law, YABC
  • New technologies for communication and information, new media, social networks
  • Spanish : C2 level. 2 months in Mexico, 12 years learning experience, 2002 DBE diploma.
  • Portuguese : C2 level. 3 years in Brazil, 5 years learning experience.
  • English : C2 level. 2 months in USA, 14 years learning experience. 2001 Bilingual european baccalauréat.
  • French : C2 level - mother tongue.
  • Comfortable with most IT : Office, Project manager, DTP, Gantt Project, Photoshop, Mozilla editor, Notes...
  • First aid : 2008 renewed basic first aid diploma.
  • Networking : active member of Monaco Junior Chamber :